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19 Apr 2006

The Roman Forum/Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute
2006 Summer Symposium, Gardone Riviera
June 29th-July 9th (10 nights)

From Augustine and Chrysostom to the Papal-Frankish Alliance
Christianity in the Early Middle Ages (395-752)

The 2006 Summer Symposium of the Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute of the Roman Forum explores the period which begins with the German barbarian incursions into the newly Catholic Empire, continues through the Councils of Ephesus and Chalcedon and their troubled aftermath, and ends with the Iconoclast Controversy and the forging of a Papal-Frankish alliance influenced by the Classical, Lombard, Visigothic, Irish, and Anglo-Saxon world.


Topics to Be Addressed

Daily Program

The daily program consists of four lectures and Holy Mass, according to the 1962 missal (the Tridentine Mass). There are no lectures on Sundays.


The cost of the Gardone program is 1,700 Euros or dollar equivalent at the time of payment (as of 3/29/06, $2,100). This includes: tuition, room (singles 450 or more Euros extra, depending upon quality of accommodation) and board (breakfast and dinner with wine; all gratuities), transportation to and from Malpensa Airport in Milan, a boat trip on Lake Garda, and an excursion to Pavia, the capital of the early medieval Lombard kingdom and the site of the tombs of St. Augustine of Hippo and Boethius. Those wishing to may replace the visit to Pavia with a trip to Venice. A two day excursion to Ravenna, at extra cost, will be offered for those staying on after July 9th. Nota bene: Those accepted to the program are urged to make full payment as soon as possible in order to avoid any extra charges due to a drop in the value of the dollar. A full refund (less $200) can be obtained until June 15th, 2006.


Some partial scholarships are available. Preference will be given to students, clergy and past participants, but anyone who genuinely cannot afford the full tuition and believes himself to be a worthy candidate for assistance may apply.

Accommodations and the Setting

Accommodation and lectures for the Gardone program are at the Locanda agli Angeli, on Lake Garda, in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy. Rooms are mostly doubles, with bath. Most of the rooms are air conditioned and those which are not are equipped with fans and very comfortable. A limited number of singles is available. The Locanda is located in Gardone Sopra, a ten minute walk from the lakefront, where free, clean beaches with a number of amenities can be found. The Angeli offers a beautiful swimming pool and garden on its premises. Meals are taken both there and at a trattoria, Da Mario, several minutes walk away. Mass is in the parish church, also within walking distance. Special arrangements, at different prices, can be made for those who wish to stay and take their meals in one of the many higher quality hotels in Gardone or SalÚ. Arrangements to arrive earlier or stay later, at additional cost, may be made through the director.

Gardone is within easy traveling distance of Verona, Venice, Trent, Brescia, Milan, Ravenna, Pavia and Padua. In years past, participants have rented cars to tour the area, taken private and more extensive boat trips on the lake, attended the opera in Verona, and even ventured as far away as Florence. The region offers opportunities not only for swimming, but for hiking, biking, boating and scenic walks as well. The lectures are scheduled in such a way as to allow time for recreation and sightseeing.


Each participant must make his own arrangements for flying to Italy. Transportation will be provided from Milanís Malpensa Airport to Gardone on June 29th and back again on July 9th. All other transportation costs are separate. Participants arriving and leaving at different times or arriving at and leaving from different airports are responsible for making their own arrangements for getting to Gardone.

The Application Procedure

The deadline for application is May 31, 2006. Successful applicants will be notified no later than May 15. Applications must be typed and include:

  1. Name, Address, Telephone, E-Mail
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Occupation
  4. Academic Degrees attained/pending; name(s) of institution(s), if applicable
  5. The names and phone numbers of two references.

First-time applicants only must write a one-page typed essay explaining why they are interested in attending the symposium. Applicants who require assistance in order to attend should indicate this in their essays and should state whether they would like to be considered for a full or partial scholarship, based upon an honest assessment of the minimum assistance necessary to make their attendance possible.

Mail all applications and address all questions to:

Dr. John C. Rao, Director
The Roman Forum
11 Carmine Street, # 2C
New York, NY . 10014-4442
Or E-mail to:

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