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15 Feb 2006

New Traditionalist Website

A new website has opened ("For the Whole Christ", featuring all the writings, complete and incomplete, of Dr. John C. Rao (D.Phil., Oxford), Associate Professor of History at St. John's University (NYC) and Chairman of the Roman Forum/Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute. Most of these works are historical discussions of various periods of Catholic collapse and subsequent reform, or critiques of American/global pluralism. One is a Catholic counterrevolutionary calendar which, while tongue-in-cheek, is also meant as a serious teaching tool. It is organized in a way that describes the historical unfolding of the Catholic/anti-Catholic battle since the High Middle Ages. Those consulting it are asked to supply events to be commemorated each day of the year. Another is an anti-pluralist novel, Periphery, set in contemporary New York City. Because this novel reflects the reality of the spoken tongue of college students (and most others!) today, some of its language can be coarse. Any of Periphery's potential readers are urged to forgive its obvious literary flaws and look at the brief summary provided at its beginning to understand its Catholic purpose: the condemnation of an entire civilization designed to lead people away from the full life offered by a loving God to the demonic, living euthanasia guaranteed by pluralism.

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