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16 Mar 2004

Antichrist Rising

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Signorelli, Luca, 'Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist' (detail) (1499-1502), Chapel of San Brizio, Duomo, Orvieto

This last month I have had the historic opportunity to watch the entire debate in the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, convened Wednesday Feb. 11, to begin the process of moving an amendment which would define and protect the traditional notion of marriage in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I say historic, not because it succeeded, but because in failing it manifests in the clearest possible manner the bitter and rotten fruit of American Tolerationism. What we are witnessing in our country is not a new civil rights movement for the complete legitimization and recognition of sodomy before the law as equal with that union which the Creator of Mankind ordained before time began, but rather the rise of that whole body of mankind which is spiritually one with the Antichrist to come.

It was no surprise to me, having heard speaker after speaker attack the proposed amendment, with every conceivable argument, to learn later the same week that the Mayor of San Francisco began to openly violate California State law with the issuance of marriage certificates to sodomitic couples.

We are witnessing two diametrical opposed political philosophies at war: that which bases right upon nature and reality, and hence upon the Will of the Creator who is their Author, and that which bases right upon the whim and preference of vitiated human wills, and hence upon the will of the Devil, of whose subversion he is the father and initiator.

St. Augustine spoke openly of these two warring camps: the two Cities, that of God and that of Man: that of the love of God unto the contempt of self, and that of the love of self unto the contempt of God. During the debate in the Massachusetts State House, it was remarkable that those in favor of the DOMA [Defense of Marriage Amendment] never invoked the Name of Jesus Christ or His teachings. Rather it was those who advocated the agenda of Sodom and Gomorrah who did: in three remarkable blasphemies.

One legislator said that those in favor of DOMA were just like the crowd in Jerusalem who shouted for Barabbas' release and for Christ's Crucifixion. Another, Mr. Barrios, a self-admitted sodomite, who recently adopted 2 young boys with his gay lover, asserted that Christ condemned the Old Testament's teachings in regard to Sodomy, when He said, "You have heard it said: ... hate your enemies ... But I say to you: Love your enemies ..." Still another boldly asserted that "Jesus Christ never defined Marriage in the New Testament." — Suffice it to say that he has never read the passage: "When a man leaves mother and father...", etc.

St. Augustine called those who would prepare the way for the manifestation of the Antichrist in the world "The Body of the Antichrist." Their appearance in time and their manifest attempts to overthrow the Reign of Christ mark the imminent Rise of the Antichrist on Earth. And who could doubt that it is here in the United States that these eschatological events are transpiring in these very days.

Legislator upon legislator came before the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention arguing from experience, personal stories and anecdotes: arguing from comparisons to the suffering of U.S. slaves and their descendants, from the persecution of Jews during the Nazi regime, from the persecution of Armenians under the Turks. There was no discussion of the morality or content of the sodomitic act, what transpired in sodomitic unions. All was "love", "family values", "civil rights" and that which is guaranteed by "liberty".

On the other side of the isle, as it were, the DOMA advocates were struck dumb. Not one got up to ask for a personal point of privilege, whereby they could formally ask the President of the Convention, Mr. Travaglini (the President of the MA Senate) for apologies for the blasphemies and insults hurled against Jesus Christ. Not one gave a rational basis for marriage on the grounds of biology, philosophy, or theology. Not one came forward and stated emphatically their opposition to both sodomitic marriage and sodomitic civil unions. They were to the last, at least verbally, all in favor of civil unions.

Tolerationists one and all. Liberal tolerationist after liberal tolerationist stood up to scold less liberal tolerationists to be true to tolerationism and grant equal rights and liberties to the most foul of moral behaviors. And less liberal tolerationists were struck dumb, manifesting their greater devotion to Tolerationism than to Jesus Christ. It was amazing how much Tolerationism showed its colors: as a fanatical zeal for all things evil, a stunning loquacity for the twisting of every word in the human language, a charismatic power to subdue the minds and wills of all who give a place for it in public life.

Tolerationism is the midwife of the Antichrist: its dominance in our culture today the surest sign of that the Rise of the Antichrist is not far off. It no longer matters to these folk what the laws of your state mean: for if they are silent, silence now means that sodomitic marriage is legitimate; and if they speak openly against sodomitic unions of any ilk, then tolerationists in your state courts will soon rule that these laws are "unjust" and "unconstitutional": if there is no law permitting sodomitic marriage, then it is lawful to issue such certificates — this is their irrational position and the actual behavior of the Mayor and the City Hall Staff of San Francisco.

The presumption of law is no longer in favor of the one who possesses right. It is now in the favor of the one who claims possession of right. The presumption of law for custom and tradition, for any value taught by Jesus Christ is gone: the presumption is now that every whim and caprice of fallen human nature is the law of the land.

It is no exaggeration to say that what is happening is the overthrow of all civil order, and the end of the U.S. government. Several legislators in Massachusetts reveled in the power of the State to persecute Catholics. They spoke of the Know-Nothings and how they burnt Catholic convents and sought to remove their right to vote. They spoke eloquently, but hypocritically. For as Mrs. Parente, the MA legislator from Medford, said in her rebuttal: each and every one of them has voted to keep the last Know-Nothings law in the MA Constitution: the Ban on Aid to Private Schools of 1918, which is directed against Catholic parochial schools and prevents credit vouchers.

If God-fearing folk do not act swiftly and decisively through proper legal means to put an end to this nonsense, there will soon come a day in the U.S. when the only liberty left for right and justice, will be found among those who own a gun and know how to use it.

Do not imagine that "as long as they don't bother me" that it does not matter that sodomites are getting marriage certificates in San Francisco, or that their cohorts have taken over the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts. If good men and women do not act, there will come a day when your taxes will go to support sodomitic unions, your wages will go to support health benefits for sodomites who mutually and willfully infect one another with AIDS, when if you fail to recognize their marriages, you will be fined, imprisoned, penalized with amazing financial penalties, excluded from a job, and derided by all the mass media outlets. And yes, even put to death. For, to these folk, what they want is legitimate, what they demand is their right, what you say is "hateful", and what you do to oppose them "criminal". Laws, written or customary, are nothing to them, civil order nothing; words mean what they say the do, and dictionaries have no value.

The Devil was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. But a liar first: because he who is willing to manifestly deny the Truth, is capable of murdering all which that Truth has given life to.

Antichrist is Rising. Ask yourself today: what am I going to do about it?

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